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The Transport Treasury archive for high-quality digital images taken from our original negatives and transparencies captured by the cameras of railway and transport enthusiasts through the ages.

| 16 Highworth Close| High Wycombe | Bucks | HP13 7PJ | Tel 01494 708939|  Mobile 07572 104250 |  

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Train 1

E4000 69620 N7 (LR) B/F 2-coach tn
E4001 68632 J69 (LF) in shed yard
E4002 67786 L1 & D16 (LF) D/heading tn
E4003 67224 F6 (RF) in bay platform at Sherringham
E4004 67199 F5 (RR) B/F local tn
E4005 671xx F5 (LF) tn (not sharp)
E4006 65572 J17 (LF) with brake-van in branch-line yard
E4007 65477? J15 (RF) tn approaching Long Melford
E4008 64724 J39 (LR) B/F tn hopper wagons
E4009 63803 O1 (LF) shunting frt tn
E4010 62793 E4 (RF) tn branch-line in snow
E4011 62785 E4 (LF) Sudbury Yard stabling point
E4012 62780 E4 (LF) tn for Cambridge lvg Burwell
E4013 62612 D16 & B1 (RF) D/heading tn
E4014 62524 D16 (RF) tn vans
E4015 62511 D16 (RF) Norwich loco yard
E4016 61664 B17 (RF) shed yard
E4017 61660 B17 (RF) tn
E4018 61659 B17 (LF) tn East Suffolk line c1960
E4019 61348 B1 (RF) tn Brundall
E4020 61283 B1 (LF) on turntable, Liverpool Street stn
E4021 61226 B1 (LF) tn
E4022 61989 K3 (LF) tn
E4023 L1 (LR) B/F tn passing D5533 & D5527 at Lowestoft
E4024 68515 J67 (RB) on shed
E4025 61054 B1 (LF) tn frt & D5658
E4026 64985 J39 (RF) tn stopper nr Whitlingham Jct
E4027 61286 B1 (LF) on shed
E4028 65462 J15 (RF) tn
E4029 60948 V2 (LF) L/E at jct
E4030 68635 J69 (LR) B/F tn Parkeston Quay 12/61
E4031 64698 J20 (LF) tn
E4032 62619 D16 (LF) tn Oulton Broad North Jct
E4033 65467 J15 (LF) tn Aldeburgh stn (British Railways lettering)
E4034 64696 J20 (LR) T/F tn frt
E4035 65405 J15 (RB) T/F branch tn
E4036 64834 J39 (LF) tn frt
E4037 62792 E4 & 62573 D16 (LR) D/heading tn
E4038 65582 J17 (LF) tn frt Mildenhall
E4039 61666 B17 (RF) tn
E4040 65438 J15 (LF) tn
E4041 67385 C12 (RF) tn branch
E4042 69689 N7 (RF) tn entg Gorleston Links Halt
E4043 65572 J17 (LF) tn frt branch-line yard
E4044 Dept No. 26 B1 (RF) Lowestoft with DMU passing
E4045 61664 B17 (RF) tn
E4046 61572 B12 (RF) tn frt
E4047 61519 B12 (LF) Stratford shed
E4048 67158 F4 (LF) tn branch (British Railways lettering)
E4049 65551 J17 (LF) T/F tn frt
E4050 61631 B17 (LF) tn
E4051 61525 B12 (RF) tn
E4052 69829 A5 & 62528 D16 (RF) on shed
E4053 61059 B1 (LF) tn
E4054 65586 J17 (LF) tn frt yard
E4055 68498 J67 (RF) L/E
E4056 62511 D16 (RF) going on to turntable
E4057 62795 E4 (RF) on shed
E4058 61363 B1 (RF) tn
E4059 65562 J17 (LR) T/F tn open wagon spl
E4060 61953 K3 (LF) tn
E4061 61003 B1 (LF) L/E
E4062 62797 E4 (RF) scrap line
E4063 Newmarket SB
E4064 65513 J17 (LF) Stratford
E4065 68532 J69 (LF) shunting at Stratford 6/57
E4066 67395 C12 (RF) B/F tn Cockfield stn
E4067 655xx J17 (RF) L/E shunting wagons in Wymondham down sidings
E4068 61252 & 61058 B1 (LF) D/heading tn
E4069 62532 D16 (LF) tn Haughley
E4070 67367 C12 (RR) B/F tn branch
E4071 61204 B1 (RF) tn frt
E4072 67360 C12 & 62797 E4 (RF) D/heading tn for Thetford at Swaffham stn
E4073 67739 L1 (RF) L/E running round at North Woolwich
E4074 62597 D16 (LF) tn
E4075 62580 D16 (LF) tn & 67204 F5 (LF) tn Reedham
E4076 61572 B12 (LF) tn Norwich Thorpe Jct
E4077 61050 B1 (LF) tn
E4078 61564 B12 (LF) tn
E4079 65467 J15 (LF) L/E Laxfield shed c1949/1950
E4080 64643 J19 (LF) on shed
E4081 61669 B17 (LF) tn
E4082 61059 B1 (RF) & D2035 (LF) on shed
E4083 61656 B17 (LF) tn
E4084 68899 J50 (LF) & 68656 J68 (LF) in store
E4085 61660 B17 (RR) in store
E4086 Dept No. 24 B1 (RB) on shed
E4087 61629 B17 (LF) tn
E4088 67229 F6 (LR) B/F tn branch
E4089 67187 F4 (RF) tn Lowestoft stn
E4090 68642 J68 (RR) & 69706 N7 (LF) on shed
E4091 62785 E4 (LF) T/F tn Newmarket
E4092 69665 N7 (FF) Enfield shed
E4093 65468 J15 (LF) mixed tn at Alresford Creek
E4094 61650 B17 (RF) tn entg St Botolphs
E4095 J15 (LR) T/F tn frt
E4096 60062 A3 (RF) scrap line, Norwich
E4097 69658 N7 (FF) Enfield shed
E4098 61271 B1 (LF) tn jct
E4099 67723 L1 (LF) on shed
E4100 61300 B1 (RF) tn Beccles Swing Bridge
E4101 67229 F6 (LF) tn
E4102 64640 J19 (RF) tn frt at closed stn on branch line
E4103 67738 L1 (LB)
E4104  61572 B12 (LF) tn frt & 65469 J15 (LF) tn Dereham stn

E4105  B1 (RF) tn for London at Norwich Thorpe Jct

E4106  69690 N7 (RR) B/F tn entg Harwich Parkeston Quay

E4107  61644 B17 (LF) tn

E4108  65389 J15 (LF) with brake-van arriving at Wickham Market Jct

E4109  61800 K3 (LF) inside shed

E4110  61046 B1 (RF) on shed & 62597 D16 (LF) tn stn

E4111  J17 (LR) T/F stn frt Long Melford

E4112  61054 B1 (RF) tn

E4113  67229 F6 (LF) tn lvg Lowestoft Central stn

E4114  65567 J17 (RF) Stratford shed

E4115  61046 B1 (RF) shunting frt at Clare

E4116  61360 B1 (FF) tn spl High Peak Jct

E4117  61363 B1 (RF) tn

E4118  62597 D16 (LF) tn frt & 62797 D16 (LF) tn frt Halesworth

E4119  63880 O4 (RR) L/E

E4120  64696 J20 (RF) tn pick-up frt at Lavenham

E4121  Lavenham stn with J17 & brake-van

E4122  65475 J15 (RF) on turntable at Mildenhall

E4123  64671 J19 (RF) shunting in yard

E4124  Yarmouth Harbour tramway view approaching the Haven bridge on the return journey to Yarmouth Vauxhall stn

E4125  65455 J15 (LF) tn branch

E4126  67395 C12 (LF) L/E Long Melford

E4127  67386 C12 (RF) tn Kings Lynn stn

E4128  61572 B12 (LF) mixed tn

E4129  65560 J17 (RR) D/heading tn frt

E4130  60065 A3 (LF) scrap line, Norwich

E4131  65578 J17 (RB) tn frt

E4132  61533 B12 (RF) tn Melton West Jct

E4133  65424 J15 (RF) & 61363 (RF) Colchester shed

E4134  65467 J15 (RR) on shed & 61561 B12 (LF) L/E

E4135  62792 D16 (RF above) tn branch

E4136  68635 J69 (LF) on shed

E4137  68579 J69 (LF) tn branch

E4138  65462 J15 (RF) Stratford Works

E4139  68513 J67 (RF) & 67214 F5 (RF) on shed

E4140  65562 J17 (LF) tn branch

E4141  67715 L1 (LR) B/F tn frt

E4142  Stratford view from top of coaler with 61205 in picture

E4143  654xx J15 (LF) breakdown tn at Framlingham

E4144  View from platforms at Norwich City stn M&GN line with J17 (LF) shunting in yard

E4145  65567 J17 (RF) tn frt arriving at Sutton SB in Cambridgeshire

E4146  65478 J15 (RF) tn branch

E4147  67226 F6 (LF) tn Haddiscoe Low Level stn

E4148  Cromford & High Peak view

E4149  61670 B17 (RF) tn

E4150  62543 D16 (RF) tn lvg Kings Lynn stn & passing loco shed

E4151  62789 E4 (LF) tn branch

E4152  63050 O7 (LR) out of use

E4153  61179 B1 (LR) T/F engineering tn March

E4154  65457 J15 (RF) tn Long Melford

E4155  63687 O1 (RF) shunting

E4156  61863 K3 (LR) on shed

E4157  61568 B12 (RF) tn Whitlingham Jct

E4158  65469 J15 (LF) mixed tn

E4159  62544 D16 (LR) T/F tn frt

E4160  61580 B12 (RF) tn branch

E4161  60026 A4 (LF) tn

E4162  61317 B1 (LF) tn lvg Wickham Market stn

E4163  61917 K3 (RF) tn frt with banker at jct

E4164  69605 N7 (LF) tn Platform 2, Liverpool Street

E4165  61632 B2 (RF) tn

E4166  67162 F4 (LF) tn Lowestoft stn

E4167  61223 B1 (RF) tn in snow

E4168  65471 J15 (LR) tn frt

E4169  62789 E4 (LF) L/E Cambridge stn

E4170  Dept No. 40 Lowestoft Sleeper Depot c1960

E4171  65520 J17 (RF) L/E shunting in Sudbury yard

E4172  67204 F5 (LF) tn Lowestoft

E4173  61659 B17 (LF) L/E

E4174  Dept No. 17 B1 (LF) Ipswich

E4175  61957 K3 (RF) tn

E4176  61252 B1 (RF) Ipswich shed

E4177  Dept No. 33 (LF) Stratford

E4178  61639 B2 (RF) tn

E4179  61179 B1 (LR) T/F breakdown tn at March

E4180  62517 D16 (RF) Lowestoft shed

E4181  68497 J69 (LF) Stratford shed 9/57

E4182  61223 B1 (RF) tn

E4183  J17 (LF)

E4184  J17 (LF) tn frt

E4185  61942 K3 (LF) tn Liverpool Street

E4186  Mildenhall view

E4187  68623 J69 (LR) B/F tn coal wagons

E4188  61672 B17 (RF) tn

E4189  Dept No. 33 (RF) Stratford

E4190  Dept No. 38 tn frt Lowestoft? Quay

E4191  North Woolwich view with N7 L/E

E4192  61659 B17 (LF) tn

E4193  65462 J15 (LF) on shed

E4194  65475? J15 (LR) T/F mixed tn branch

E4195  65532 J17 (LF) L/E

E4196  65549 J17 (LF) tn frt

E4197  70000 & 61375 & 61384 & 61x11 on shed

E4198  J20 (LF) L/E outside Colchester shed

E4199  61059 B1 (RF) outside Lowestoft shed

E4200  65528 J17 (RF) with brake-van

E4201  62796 E4 (RF) tn frt entg Swaffham stn

E4202  68619 J69 (RF) stn pilot at Liverpool Street

E4203  62558 D16 (LF) tn for Colchester lvg Long Melford

E4204  61204 B1 (RF) shunting frt Wisbech

E4205  61564 B12 (LF) tn

E4206  65478 J15 (RF) out of use

E4207  65420 J15 (RR) T/F tn frt

E4208  64687 J20 (LF) tn frt

E4209  68500 J69 (RF) shunting coal wagons on shed

E4210  62544 D16 (LF) tn jct

E4211  61656 B17 (LF) L/E St Olaves Swing Bridge

E4212  67211 F5 (FF) inside shed

E4213  90340 & 44509 & 67300 & 44521 on shed

E4214  65573? J17 (RF) tn frt shunting at Clare Goods Yard

E4215  64652 J19 (LF) shunting frt stn yard

E4216  61564 B12 (LF) tn

E4217  65578 J17 & 62055 K1 on shed

E4218  65567 J17 (LF) on shed

E4219  61335 B1 (LF above) Stratford

E4220  61205 B1 (LR) shunting brake-van at March stn

E4221  68635 N7 (RF) shunting at Stratford

E4222  61287 B1 (LF) tn frt

E4223  61109 B1 & A3s (LF) Trowse scrap line

E4224  62789 E4 & 65471 J15 (RF) D/heading tn

E4225  61572 B12 (LF) by turntable Norwich shed

E4226  Dept No. 40 Lowestoft Sleeper Depot

E4227  65470 J15 (RF) tn branch frt

E4228  Dept No. 32 (LB) tn coal wagons

E4229  65478 J15 (LF) tn branch frt

E4230  61664 B17 (RF) tn

E4231  61046 B1 (LF) tn (passing a couple of train spotters)

E4232  64772 J39 (RB)

E4233  62785 E4 (RF) tn Long Melford

E4234  65361 J15 (RF) L/E with snowplough

E4235  65445 J15 (RF) on shed

E4236  61360 B1 (RF) tn RCTS spl stn

E4237  69708 N7 (LF) tn

E4238  61561 B12 & 61052? B1 (LF) D/heading tn

E4239  61362 B1 (LF) tn stn

E4240  62035 K1 (LF) L/E

E4241  61300 B1 (RR) T/F permanent-way tn

E4242  61287 B1 (FF) L/E jct

E4243  65391 J15 (LR) T/F tn & 64666 J19 (RF) tn frt Lavenham

E4244  68223 J70 with brake-van on Wisbech Tramway

E4245  65549 J17 (LF) D/heading tn frt

E4246  62612 D16 (LF) tn

E4247  69652 N7 (LR) B/F tn (under the wires)

E4248  60065 A3 (RR) Trowse scrap line

E4249  61572 B12 (RF) on turntable, Norwich?

E4250  61542 B12 (LF) tn jct

E4251  64699 J20 (RF) Stratford?

E4252  61287 B1 (LF) permanent-way tn

E4253  67738 L1 & 67717 L1 (RF) out of use

E4254  64669 (RF) tn branch

E4255  62530 D16 (RF) tn Kings Lynn Jct

E4256  62554 D16 (LF) tn Haughley

E4257  65567 J17 (LF) L/E

E4258  61205 B1 (LB) Yarmouth South Town

E4259  64671 J19 (RF) T/F tn frt

E4260  68538 J69 (LF distant above) viewed from top of Stratford coaling plant

E4261  68588 J69 (RF) Stratford shed

E4262  61535 B12 (LF) Ipswich shed with crew & shed staff

E4263  65460 J15 (RF) tn frt at entrance to CWS Yard

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