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The Transport Treasury archive for high-quality digital images taken from our original negatives and transparencies captured by the cameras of railway and transport enthusiasts through the ages.

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Train 1

S1 32337 K (RR) on scrap line
S2 31827/31400 (RR) & 33003 (LF) on scrap line
S3 View from tn haudled by Bullied pacific
S4 Condemned Q1s on siding
S5 32337 K (RF) minus rods en route scrapyard
S6 32337 K (RF) in scrapyard with other ex-GWR & SR locos
S7 32337 K (RF) on scrap line
S8 32337 K (RF) on scrap line
S9 33040 Q1 (RF) & A3 on scrap line
S10 32340/3213 (LF) scrapyard Norwich
S11 34048 (LF) Tn in East Anglia
S12 34057 (LF) Tn in East Anglia
S13 34057 (RF) Tn East Anglia
S14 34057 (LF) & 70006 (LF) on Stratford shed
S15 31851 & 32343 on scrap line at Norwich
S16 30546 & Q1s on scrap line at Norwich
S17 Bulleid-hauled tn on WR, view from tn
S18 SR 1807 (RF) Tn
S19 Preserved SR 841 (RF) ‘The East Anglian’ spl at Mistley
S20 32677 A1x (LF) Tn Havant
S21 A1x preserved (RF) L/E Bressingham
S22 32503 E4 (LB) on shed
S23 32503 E4 (RF) L/E in works? Yard
S24 SR 456 N15 (RF) Tn entg Crewkerne
S25 LBSC 662 (LF) Bressingham
S26 32677 A1x (LF) L/E running round at Havant
S27 31894 & ex-GWR locos on scrap line Trowse
S28 SR 454 (LF) Tn
S29 34065 (RF) Tn East Anglia
S30 34089 (RF) Tn East Anglia
S31 SR 841 (preserved) (RF) Tn ‘The East Anglian’ spl
S32 SR 841 (preserved) (RF) L/E ‘The East Anglian’ Mistley
S33 Coal wagons alongside Battersea Power Station
S34 SR 663 (RF) Tn Worting Jct
S35 Ex-SR locos on scrap line at Norwich
S36 SR 412 L11 (RF) Tn entg stn
S37 I3 4-4-2T (RF) Tn Pullman race spl to Lingfield at Selsdon Road
S38 SR 1804 U (LF) Tn frt
S39 View from Bulleid-hauled tn
S40 0-6-0T & 4-4-2T (LF) at Shepherdswell EKR
S41 No 4 0-6-0ST (RF) Tn stn K&ESR
S42 34090 (LF) Tn Worting Jct 1967
S43 32636 A1x (LB) & 32640 A1x (RB) on shed
S44 31893 (LR) scrapyard
S45 WC-hauled tn spl banked by BR std
S46 Ex-SR locos in scrapyard Norwich
S47 Norwich scrapyard view with 32337
S48 34039 (LR) T/F Bury St Edmunds-Ipswich tn up slow lvg Haughley (driver H Holliday) 1952
S49 34057 (RF) Tn jct East Anglia
S50 34039 (RF) Tn for Lowestoft on Beccles bank 1952
S51 31896 U1 & 32337 K (RF) scrapyard Norwich
S52 33003 & Q1s scrap-line Norwich
S53 32343 (LF) scrap line Norwich
S54 Ex-SR locos on scrap line Norwich
S55 33003 & 33030 (LF) on scrap line Trowse
S56 Preserved SR 841 (RF) Tn ‘The East Anglian’ spl
S57 SR 1629 U (RF) Tn of LNER stock
S58 No 3 A1x (LB) Rolvenden shed K&ESR
S59 34039 (LF) L/E Cambridge
S60 31822 & 2xU1, N1, K, 32xx & 45/55xx King's, Norwich
S61 ex-Brighton Belle Pullmans awaiting disposal at Norwich
S62 31827 /31400 (RR) scrap line King's of Norwich
S63 33003 & Q1 & 2 x N class scrap line King's of Norwich
S64 32583 (RF) & 80032 (LR) Newhaven shed
S65 SR 590 (RB) & SR 698 (LB) d/heading tn frt Andover
S66 K&ESR No. 2 'Northiam' (RF) tn stn (Oh Mr Porter fame)
S67 Battersea Power station & track view from tn on Brighton side of bridge
S68 K&ESR 0-6-0ST (RR) tn with ex-Royal Saloon at Tenterden Town
S69 34100 (RF) tn 'Devonshire Rambler' probably at Salisbury
S70 31822 (RF) scrap line
S71 Weymouth Quay tramway view
S72 30543 (LF) tn on bch line
S73 ex-LBSC Pullman cars at Preston Park c1937
S74 30546 (RF) scrap line
S75 SR A816 experimental 2-6-0 (LF) on shed
S76 32677 (RF) L/E Hayling Island
S77 34002 (RF) shrouded in steam
S78 SR A631 U (RF) tn
S79 K&ESR Royal Saloon No. 10 at Tenterden Town 4/34
S80 30533 (RF) tn
S81 SR 497 S15 (LF) tn frt Worting Jct
S82 32640 A1X (LF) poss at Fratton Works
S83 SR 615 D1 (RF) motor tn nr Banstead 4/27
S84 SR 1631 U (RF) tn frt
S85 SR 334 H15 (RF) tn
S86 SR 2653 A1X (RF) tn ex-Havant at Hayling Island
S87 SR overhead electric tn nr Coulsdon 8/29
S88 SR 2503 E4 (LF) B/F mixed tn entg Newhaven Town
S89 No. 9 “Daphne” in the top shed at Kinnerley Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Rly mid 1930s
S90 SR 400 L11 (LF) tn
S91 K&ESR No. 3 A1X (LF) tn
S92 SR 2091 I3 (RF) tn
S93 K&ESR 0-6-0 (RF) tn
S94 D208x (LF) tn Weymouth Quay stn
S95 34024 (RB) tn
S96 34039 (RF) tn 'The Norfolkman' Haughley Jct

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