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The Transport Treasury archive for high-quality digital images taken from our original negatives and transparencies captured by the cameras of railway and transport enthusiasts through the ages.

| 16 Highworth Close| High Wycombe | Bucks | HP13 7PJ | Tel 01494 708939|  Mobile 07572 104250 |  

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Train 1

GW1 6025 (LB) L/E Bristol Temple Meads
GW2 6015 (LF) Tn Exeter
GW3 6005 (RF from above) Tn up Birmingham exp nr Saunderton 5/33
GW4 60xx (LF) Tn Teignmouth sea wall
GW5 6015 (RF) Tn up Birmingham nr Princes Risborough 5/33
GW6 6017 (LF) Tn up express passing Princes Risborough
GW7 6025 (LF) Tn for Torquay at Newton Abbot
GW8 6004 (RF) Tn up ‘Cornish Riviera’ nr Pewsey 8/29 (poor)
GW9 6003 (RF) Tn poss nr Saunderton
GW10 6007 (RF) Tn 5/33
GW11 6001 (RF) Tn up ‘Torbay Limited’ nr Theale 5/33
GW12 6012 (RF) Tn nr Dawlish Warren 1933
GW13 6023 (RF) Tn Taunton (poor)
GW14 6001 (LF) Tn 7.36am Monday breakfast-car express Paignton
GW15 6015 (LF) Tn Dawlish Warren
GW16 6007 (RF) Tn up express on Hemerdon bank
GW17 6028 (RF) Tn dn ‘Cornish Riviera’ Newton Abbot stn (poor)
GW18 6000 (LF) Tn Dn exp entg Plymouth North Rd 1930
GW19 6014 (RF) Tn up Birmingham express nr Beaconsfield 4/34
GW20 6005 (LF) Tn
GW21 6016 (RF) Up ‘Cornish Riviera’ entg Paddington
GW22 6007 (LF) Tn descending Hemerdon
GW23 6014 (RF) Tn nr Teignmouth 6/35 (with smokebox cowling)
GW24 6028 (LF) Tn No 1 platform Paddington (poor)
GW25 6029 (LF) Tn 11.15am down express passing Twyford
GW26 60xx (LF) Tn horse-ploughing in field (poor)
GW27 60xx (LF) Tn up express nr Dawlish Warren (poor)
GW28 6007 (LF) Tn entg Taunton stn (poor)
GW29 6011 (LF) Tn dn ‘Cornish Riviera’ nr Bedwyn 8/29
GW30 6015 (LF) Tn Exeter
W31 6000 (LF) ‘Atlantic Adventurers Express’ with LNER 4472
GW32 4073 class (RF) Tn & SR T9 Exeter St Davids
GW33 5006 (LF) Tn entg Kemble
GW34 5018 (RF) Tn 3.50pm up Flier entg Swindon
GW35 4094 (LF) Tn
GW36 4082 (RF) LNER Royal Train on up troughs at Aldermaston
GW37 4096 (LF) Tn ex-Newton Abbot arriving at Plymouth North Rd 9/29
GW38 5018 (RF) Tn up Swindon flier at Paddington 20/9/32 (Driver Ruddock)
GW39 4073 class (LF) Tn entg Banbury (poor)
GW40 5002 (LF) 10.45am ex-Padd at Swindon Jct 2/31
GW41 4089 (RF) Tn up express entg Taunton 1933
GW42 5006 (RF) Up ‘Cornish Riviera Exp’ (1st part) nr Gwinear Rd
GW43 5014 (RF) Tn 10am up ‘Limited’ lvg Penzance
GW44 5008 (RF) Tn Gloucester (poor)
GW45 5014 (RF) Tn west-north exp nr Teignmouth
GW46 4091 (RF) Tn entg stn
GW47 4085 (RF) Tn
GW48 4073 class (LF) Tn lvg Paddington 8/28 (poor)
GW49 4073 (RF) Tn up exp nr Goring 5/33
GW50 5059 (LF) Tn Penzance-Paddington Up Mail nr Marazion
GW51 4073 class (LF) Tn lvg Dawlish Warren
GW52 111 (LF) Tn Banbury 6/29 (poor)
GW53 409x class (LF) Tn Dawlish Warren 1933
GW54 5002 (RF) Tn express parcels nr Cambourne
GW55 4073 class (LF) Tn dn frt entg Tiverton Junction
GW56 4091 (LF) Tn down South Wales express nr Brinkworth
GW57 4009 (RF) Tn up express Didcot stn
GW58 4098 (RF) Tn
GW59 4089 (LF) Tn [562] Torquay-Birmingham nr Churchdown
GW60 5016 (RF) Tn Hemerdon Summit
GW61 4099 (RF) Tn West to Wolverhampton exp nr Cheltenham
GW62 5005 (LF) Bristol shed (poor)
GW63 4067 (RF) Tn lvg Parsons tunnel, Teignmouth
GW64 5018 (almost FF) Tn Paddington 1931
GW65 4073 class (LF) Tn 10.45am Paddington entg Didcot (poor)
GW66 409x (LF) Tn Hayes
GW67 5026 (LF) Tn Oxford (poor)
W68 4079 (LR) L/E Royal Oak
W69 4079 (LF) Tn [Z40] ‘Ian Allan Rail tour’ lvg Paddington
GW70 3807 ‘County of Kilkenny’ (LB) Oxford shed 1929
GW71 3831 4-4-0 (RF) Birmingham-Weymouth tn at Evershot 9/29
GW72 ‘County 4-4-0’ Wey’th-Birm tn nr Oxford 2/31
GW73 ‘County 4-4-0’ (RF) Tn (poor)
GW74 3805 ‘County Kerry’ (LF) Tn 1.45pm Paddington-Worcester express lvg Oxford 3/32
GW75 3805 ‘County Kerry’ (LF) Oxford-Kingham tn Charlbury stn
GW76 2235 4-4-2T (LF) L/E Reading 10/34
GW77 2233 4-4-2T (LF) B/F Tn Didcot stn 12/39 (poor)
GW78 1335 ex-MSWJ (RF) L/E Didcot 2/31
GW79 1335 ex-MSWJ (RF) Tn Didcot 2/31
GW80 1335 ex-MSWJ (RB) Didcot shed 2/31
GW81 ex-MSWJ 2-4-0 (LF) Tn stn
GW82 1334 ex-MSWJ (RF) Tn stn unloading horses Lambourne 1/35
GW83 1334 ex-MSWJ (LF) Tn Lambourn stn
GW84 1334 ex-MSWJ (RF) Tn entg Didcot 2/31
GW85 1334 ex-MSWJ (RF) Tn stn loading horses Lambourne 1/35
GW86 1335 ex-MSWJ (LR) Tn Newbury
GW87 1336 ex-MSWJ (LF) L/E Reading
GW88 628 2-4-0T (RF) Tn Oxford 1929
GW89 2-4-0T (LF) Fairford tn nr Wolvercote Jct
GW90 3591 (RF) L/E Swindon 3/35
GW91 1420 2-4-0T (RF) Falmouth-Truro auto tn at Perranwell stn 1930
GW92 1468 0-4-2T (RF) motor tn at Banbury 7/26
GW93 1473 ‘Fair Rosamund’ (LF) on Woodstock tn at Oxford 2/31
GW94 1473 ‘Fair Rosamund’ (LF) Woodstock tn on thru’ road Oxford 2/31
GW95 1499 2-4-0T (LF) Newquay motor tn at Chacewater
GW96 1479 Wallingford branch engine at Cholsey 1/31
GW97 48xx (LF) Tn stn
GW98 635 0-6-0T (condensed) (RF) Tn shunting Calpham Jct
GW99 2-4-0Ts on motor trains stn 1930 (camera shake)
GW100 0-4-2T xx27 (RF) Tn lvg Halt on Abbotsbury branch 1/36
GW101 2-4-0T (RF) Tn stn (poor)
GW102 542 0-4-2T (LR) Yeovil-Weymouth auto tn at Evershot 9/29
GW103 3596 (RF) Dn suburban tn at Acton
GW104 ‘Metro’ 2-4-0T (LF) L/E (poor)
GW105 0-4-2T (LF) Fishguard-Clarbeston Rd motor tn Fishguard & Goodwick
GW106 0-4-2T (RF) Tn stn (poor)
GW107 3566 (LF) Dn suburban tn lvg Bishops Road
GW108 1473 ‘Fair Rosamund’ (LF) Woodstock tn at Kidlington 2/31
GW109 519 0-4-2T (RB) shunting at Swindon Jct
GW110 531 0-4-2T (LF) Tn entg Abbotsbury 9/29
GW111 2-4-0T (RF) Tn entg Chard Jct 9/29 (poor)
GW112 1430 0-4-2T (LF) Tn Abbotsbury?
GW113 3577 0-4-2T (LF) Tn
GW114 4840 (RF) Tn Hemyock
GW115 1473 ‘Fair Rosamund’ (LF) Woodstock rail motor nr Oxford
GW116 1487 0-4-2T (RF) Tn Gwinear Road stn
GW117 ‘Hall’ (RF) Tn dn local at Chacewater
GW118 ‘Hall’ (RF) Tn (poor)
W119 2900 (RF) Tn
W120 6910 (RF) unknown shed
GW121 ‘Hall’ (LF) Tn Penzance 1930 (poor)
GW122 4961 (RF) Tn up express Hemerdon bank
GW123 4959 (RF) Up exp nr Liskeard
GW124 4998 (LF) Tn 5/33
W125 ‘Hall’ (RF) Tn (poor)
GW126 4924 (RF) Tn up slow nr Hayes
W127 6938 (RF) Tn brake-vans Penzance?
W128 6944 (RF) Tn
GW129 4978 (RF) Tn entg St Erth stn
GW130 4976 (LF) Tn frt lvg Helsby
GW131 ‘Hall’ (RF) Tn lvg Penzance
GW132 5952 (RF) Tn entg Lostwithiel?
W133 6932 (RR) on shed
W134 6972? (RF) on shed
GW135 4910 (LF) Tn down on Ruislip troughs
GW136 ‘Hall’ (LF) Tn south of Heyford
W137 3775 (LF) & 6874 (RR) on shed
GW138 4903 (RF) L/E Plymouth North Road stn
GW139 4931 (LF) Tn entg Bristol Temple Meads 9/29 (poor)
W140 7922 (RF) on shed
W141 6981 (LF) Tn
GW142 4919 (LF) Tn Oxford
GW143 ‘Star’ (RF) Tn probably on one of the South Devon banks
W144 6953 (RF) Tn
GW145 4910/43xx double-head tn nr Liskeard
W146 6993 (LB) on shed
GW147 2906 (RF) Tn nr Dawlish
GW148 2947 (LF) Tn up express lvg Cheltenham (poor)
GW149 4919 (LF) & 4926 (RF) at Oxford 1929
GW150 2949 (RF) Up Midlands exp nr Gwinear Rd with 12.30pm LNW Dining Car
GW151 2973 (LF) Tn milk on Goring troughs 5/33
GW152 ‘Saint’ (RF) Tn (very poor)
GW153 2935 (LF) Tn down Bristol express at Swindon
GW154 2950 (LF) Tn Westbury
GW155 2943 (RF) Tn
GW156 2919 (RF) Deal-Birkenhead tn at Oxford
GW157 ‘Saint’ (LF) Tn
GW158 2920 (LF) Tn up Weymouth exp passing Evershot 9/29 (poor)
GW159 2944 (RF) Tn Ledbury
GW160 ‘Hall’ (LF) Tn 4.30pm ex-Penzance nr Cambourne with LMS coaches to Manchester & Liverpool
GW161 2935 (LF) Tn Swindon
GW162 2902 (RF) Tn 9.45am ex-Paddington-Oxford at Paddington? (poor)
GW163 2939 (LF) Tn up Channel Islands Boat exp at Evershot 9/29 (poor)
GW164 2947 (LF) Weymouth-Wolverhampton tn nr Oxford
GW165 2907 (RF) Tn down Weymouth exp nr Evershot 9/29 (poor)
GW166 2943 (LF) Tn 3.15pm down Bristol exp passing Didcot 5/33
GW167 ‘Saint’ (RF) Tn
GW168 2905 (LF) Tn Banbury stn
GW169 ex-Cambrian 4-4-0 (RF) Tn stn
GW170 ex-Cambrian 4-4-0 (almost FF) Tn Abermule
GW171 1123 ex-MSWJ 4-4-0 (LF) Tn Cheltenham St James
GW173 1123 ex-MSWJ 4-4-0 (RF) Tn Hereford stn
GW174 ex-MSWJ 4-4-0 (LR) loco only Swindon Wks (poor)
GW175 1399 (LF) Tn Swindon Jct 2/31
GW176 1122 ex-MSWJ 4-4-0 (RF) Cheltenham tn at Southampton 4/34
GW177 1123 ex-MSWJ 4-4-0 (RF) Tn Cheltenham St James
GW178 48 ex-Rhymney 0-6-2T (LF) Swindon Wks
GW179 0-6-2T (LF) Swindon Wks
GW180 3610 (RF) Tn Oxford
GW181 3612? (RF) Tn Oxford
GW182 56xx 0-6-2T (LF) Tn frt Oxford
GW183 Steam Railmotor 92 (RF) Christow 4/31
GW184 Steam Railmotor 97 Heathfield-Exeter tn at Christow
GW185 ‘Barnum’ 2-4-0 (LB) Tn Chester (poor)
GW186 4007 (RF) Tn 6/37
GW187 ‘Star’ (LF) Tn (poor)
GW188 ‘Star’ (RF) Tn
GW189 4007 (RF) Tn lvg Kingham 1937
GW190 4014 (RF) Tn up Worcester express passing Twyford
GW191 2935 (LF) L/E Didcot stn
GW192 4007 (RF above) Tn Kingham 6/37
GW193 ‘Star’ (RF) Tn stn
GW194 4011 (RF) Tn 3.13pm ex-Oxford nr Culham
GW195 4065 (RF) Tn 11.10am down Birmingham express nr Princes Risborough 11/32
GW196 4063 (LF) Tn up Night mail lvg Penzance at 6.45pm 1931
GW197 Hall  (RF) Tn Goring troughs
GW198 4061 (LF) Tn down Worcester nr Oxford
GW199 4053 (RF) Tn Shrewsbury stn
GW200 4036 (LF) Birkenhead-Bournemouth tn nr Oxford
GW201 4034 (LF) Dn exp nr Dawlish Warren
GW202 4033 (RF) Tn up exp on Goring troughs
GW203 4046 (RF) Tn north-west exp passing Craven Arms 5/33
GW204 4001 (RF) Tn up Bristol 2-hour exp Goring troughs 4/33
GW205 4055 (LF) Tn entg Ascott-under-Wychwood
GW206 4061 (LF) Tn entg Oxford
GW207 4017 (RF) Tn up Worcester express nr Wolvercote Jct
GW208 Hall (LF) Tn
GW209 ‘Star’ (RF) Tn (poor)
GW210 4017 (LF) Tn 12.45pm Paddington passing Oxford
GW211 ‘Star’ (LF) Tn 2.10pm Paddington-Birmingham 2-hr exp passing Ardley 5/29 (poor)
GW212 83xx (RF) Tn lvg Penzance
GW213 4008 (RF) Night Mail at Penzance 1930
GW214 4066 (RF) Tn up Worcester express nr Oxford
GW215 4057 (RF) Tn Princes Risborough
GW216 4019 (LF) Tn entg Highbridge
GW217 ‘Star’ (RF) Tn nr Dawlish
GW218 3401 (RF) Tn Plymouth North Rd
GW219 3442 (LF) Tn Swindon Jct 2/31
GW220 3453 (RF) Tn stn 4/34
GW221 331x ‘Pluto’ (LF) Tn Whitland stn
GW222 3259 (RF) Tn stn 6/37
GW223 3444 (LF) Tn Barnstaple Jct 1937
GW224 City 3714? 4-4-0 (LF) Tn Oxford 1929
GW225 ‘Bulldog’ 4-4-0 (LF) Tn (poor)
GW226 ‘Duke’ 4-4-0 (RF) Tn stn (poor)
GW227 4113 ‘Samson’ 4-4-0 (LF) on test plant, Swindon
GW228 ‘Bulldog’ 4-4-0 (LF) Tn (poor)
GW229 3451 4-4-0 (RF) Tn Chipping Norton stn
GW230 3269 (RF) Tn nr Abermule
GW231 3321? ‘Brasnose’ (RF) Tn frt nr Oxford
GW232 4113 ‘Samson’ (RF) Tn stn
GW233 ‘Bulldog’ 4-4-0 (RF) Tn (poor)
GW234 3259 (RF) Tn stn 6/37
GW235 ‘Bulldog’ 4-4-0 (RF) Newbury 1930
GW236 3289 (LF) & 6028 Dn ‘Cornish Riviera’ Newton Abbot (poor)
GW237 32xx 4-4-0 (RR) T/F Tn 6/37
GW238 3250 (LR) L/E Barmouth 1937
GW239 3385 (RF) Tn up local nr Goring 5/33
GW240 3369 ‘David MacIver’ (LF) Tn frt Evershot 9/29
GW241 3714 ‘City of Gloucester’ 4-4-0 (LF) Tn Oxford (poor)
GW242 4120 ‘Atbara’ 4-4-0 (RF) Tn Banbury stn 6/29
GW243 3434 4-4-0 (RF) Tn up Weymouth exp nr Theale 5/33
GW244 3393 & 4910 (RF) double-heading Tn up ‘Cornish Riviera’ (2nd part) nr Gwinear Road
GW245 3322 (RF) Hereford Tn at Gloucester
GW246 4-4-0 (LF) Tn stn (poor)
GW247 ‘Bulldog’ 4-4-0 (RF) Tn frt 1930
GW248 3290 4-4-0 (LF) Tn frt Kennington Jct 1929
GW249 ‘Bulldog’ 4-4-0 (LF) Tn frt Oxford 1929
GW250 ‘Bulldog’ (RF) 4-4-0 & ‘King’ double-heading tn ascending Hemerdon Bank
GW251 ‘Bulldog’ 4-4-0 (LF) L/E (poor)
GW252 ‘Duke’ 4-4-0 (LF) Tn
GW253 3270 (RF) Tn lvg Abermule stn
GW254 ‘Bulldog’ 3356 4-4-0 (LF) Tn northbound horse boxes just north of Oxford
W255 9017 (LF) on shed
GW256 3437 (RF) Tn Bromfield 4/35
GW257 3703 4-4-0 (RF) Tn nr Radley
GW258 2450 (RB) Didcot shed 2/31
GW259 2371 (LF) on Fishguard shed
GW260 ‘Dean’ 0-6-0 (LF) Tn Fishguard & Goodwick
GW261 ‘Dean’ 0-6-0 (LF) Tn
GW262 2353 (RF) Tn Southampton-Glasgow nr Newbury (neg faults)
GW263 22xx (LF) Tn frt
GW264 22xx (RF above) Tn 6/37
GW265 22xx (LF) L/E
GW266 22xx (RF) Tn frt (poor)
GW267 2371 (LF above) Tn nr Winchester
GW268 3215? (LF) Tn at Litchfield (Hants) with a Newbury-bound service
W269 22xx (LF) condemned
GW270 2194 ‘Kidwelly’ (LF) B/F Tn frt Weymouth tramway
GW271 No 2 ‘Carlisle’ 0-6-0 inside Bishops Castle shed
GW272 0-6-0 (RF) inside shed Bishops Castle Rly
GW273 No 1 ex-GWR 0-4-2T (RF) Tn mixed at Bishops Castle
GW274 No 1 ex-GWR 0-4-2T (LR) B/F Tn mixed at jct with LMS & GWR Joint lines nr Craven Arms, Bishops Castle Rly
GW275 No 2 ‘Portishead’ 0-6-0T (LR) B/F Tn Weston Super Mare WC&PR
GW276 No 2 ‘Portishead’ 0-6-0T (LF) Tn Portishead WCP&R 8/35
GW277 0-4-0ST (RF) L/E Wantage Tramway
GW278 WCT No 5 (LR) B/F Tn Wantage Tramway
GW279 WCT No 5 (LF) Wantage Tramway
GW280 WCT No 5 (RF) Wantage Tramway
GW281 Festiniog Rly view 6/37
W282 Tn at Dduallt, Festiniog Rly
GW283 ‘Welsh Pony’ (RB) Tn Festiniog Rly
GW284 Tn at Portmadoc, Festiniog Rly
GW285 Tn stn Festiniog Rly
GW286 2610 (LF) Tn up frt passing Chippenham
GW287 2607 (RF) Tn dn frt nr Princes Risborough
GW288 2607 (RF) Tn dn frt nr Princes Risborough
GW289 ‘Aberdare’ 2-6-0 (LF) Tn frt passing ‘Saint’ (poor)
GW290 43xx (LF) Tn dn frt nr Didcot (poor)
GW291 43xx (RF) Tn entg Penzance 1930 (poor)
GW292 43xx (RF) Tn dn frt at Maiden Newton (poor)
GW293 43xx (LF) Tn 3.30pm Weymouth exp lvg Paddington (poor)
GW294 8352 (LF) Tn Portsmouth-Reading thru’ wkg at Fareham SR
GW295 6301 (LF) Tn
GW296 43xx (RF) Swansea-Newcastle Restaurant car tn nr Andoversford Jct
GW297 43xx (LF) Tn Dawlish Warren
GW298 5306 (RF) Tn
GW299 4344 (RF) Tn down exp on Midgham troughs 5/33
GW300 8378 (RF) Up exp crossing Penponds Viaduct on Camborne bank
GW301 930x (LF) Tn ascending Cambourne bank at MP314
GW302 6355 (RF) Tn Bristol-Portsmouth at Kimbridge Jct SR
GW303 43xx (LF) [915] Tn
GW304 43xx (RF) Tn
GW305 43xx (RF) Tn stn (poor)
GW306 6314 (LF) L/E Paddington
GW307 43xx (LF) Tn frt Oxford
GW308 6343 (LF) Newcastle-SWales exp on spur at Kingham 1937
GW309 9306 (LF) Tn entg Penzance thru’ coaches from the 12 midnight night express ex-Paddington in rear
GW310 43xx (RF) Tn
GW311 43xx (LF) Tn up Weymouth exp at Bubb Downs 9/29 (poor)
GW312 ex-Cambrian 0-6-0 (LF) T/F Tn stn (poor)
GW313 864 (RF) L/E stn 6/37
GW314 ex-Cambrian 0-6-0 (RF) Tn frt (poor)
GW315 873 (RF) Tn Swindon 3/33
GW316 ex-Cambrian 0-6-0 (RF) Tn stn
GW317 884 (LF) Portmadoc shed 1937
GW318 884 (LF) Portmadoc shed 1937
GW319 ex-Cambrian 0-6-0 (RF) Tn frt
GW320 1362 ‘1361’ class (RF) L/E at Harwell Steet Sidings (Plymouth Millbay to North Road line)
GW321 1399 (RF) shunting Swindon Jct?
GW322 2007 (RF) Farringdon branch tn entg Uffington 2/31
GW323 848? 0-6-0T (RF) Fishguard Goodwick shed 4/29
GW324 643 Met goods 0-6-0T (LF) L/E Clapham Jct
GW325 2007 (LF) Tn stn
W326 L90 (LF) [550] Tn on LT system
W327 L90 (LR) shunting brake-van
W328 L90 (LF) shunting brake-van
GW329 2103 (LF) Tn frt Penzance 1930
GW330 1570 (RF) Motor tn at Tavistock
GW331 1620 (RF) Tn Swindon Town 2/31
GW332 0-6-0PT (LF) Tn frt stn (poor)
GW333 763 (LF) Woodstock rail-motor nr Oxford 3/31
GW334 1976 (RF) Abingdon tn at Radley
GW335 1282 (RF) shunting Penzance
GW336 0-6-0PT (RF) West Bay tn entg Bridport 9/29
GW337 0-6-0PT (RF) Tn Cholsey and Mouslford 1930
GW338 1570 (RF) Motor tn at Yelverton
GW339 0-6-0PT (LF) Tn frt Bristol Temple Meads 9/29 (poor)
GW340 0-6-0PT (LF) L/E Bridport West Bay 9/29 (poor)
GW341 0-6-0PT (RF) Tn stn (under f/bridge 31) 7/35
GW342 2702 (RF) Tn Blaenau Festiniog
GW343 xx94 0-6-0PT (LF) Woodstock rail-motor nr Oxford 2/31
GW344 0-6-0PT (RR) B/F Kerry branch frt entg Abermule
GW345 0-6-0PT (RF) running round tn
GW346 0-6-0PT (RF) Tn frt Oxford (poor)
GW347 1976 (RF) Abingdon tn at Radley 3/31
GW348 740x 0-6-0PT (RF) Tn frt entg Llandderfel 6/37
W349 4691 (LF) Tn frt
W350 L90 0-6-0PT (RF) Tn frt on LT system
W351 L94 0-6-0PT (LR) B/F on frt entg stn
W352 6400 (LF) Tn at seaside branch terminus
W353 6400 (LF) Tn at seaside branch terminus
W354 9415 (LF) with other condemned PTs on shed
W355 L94 (RR) spl ‘last steam tn on LT’ lvg stn
W356 8459 (LF) with other condemned locos on shed
W357 L90 0-6-0PT (LR) shunting brake-van
W358 3775 (LF) at coaling stage on shed
W359 4611 (RF) condemned on shed
W360 L90 0-6-0PT (LF) with brake-van on District line
W361 4694 (RF) L/E Exeter
GW362 28xx (RF) Tn frt Didcot (poor)
GW363 47xx (LF) Tn stn (poor)
GW364 ‘ROD’ 2-8-0 (LF) Tn frt
GW365 4298 (LF) taking water at Par stn
GW366 28xx (LF) Oxford shed 1929
W367 D7001/D7023 (RF) on spl
W368 View of a Didcot Open Day with D8xx/14xx/6106
W369 D8xx & 94xx (RF) in store
W370 44560 & 0-6-0PT inside shed
W371 BR(W) view from tn hauled by Bulleid pacific
W372 6938 & 5042 (RF) scrap line
W373 6134 & 6106 (LF) probably on scrap line
W374 L94 0-6-0PT (RR) B/F Tn frt
W375 7922 (RF) on shed
W376 L99 0-6-0PT (LR) Bucks Railway Centre
W377 7922 & 7919 (RF) on shed
GW378 3915 (RF) B/F Tn Radley
GW379 5504 (RF) Tn Perranporth
GW380 2-6-2T (LF) Tn ‘Cheltenham Flyer’ nr Cheltenham
GW381 4410 (LF) running round at St Ives
W382 5337 & 5562 (RB) in siding
GW383 2-6-2T (LF) Tn Starcross
GW384 4550 2-6-2T (LF) on Falmouth bch? tn 1937
GW385 4545 2-6-2T (RF) Tn Plymouth North Road 9/29
GW386 4512 45xx (LF) Tn St Ives branch nr Lelant 1933
GW387 45xx (LF) Tn entg Bristol Temple Meads 9/29
GW388 4403 (RF) Tn St Ives with GWR bus on platform 1930
GW389 45xx (RF) Tn frt entg Swindon Town 2/31
GW390 4542 (RF) Tn Launceston
W391 6111 (LF) at coaling stage
GW392 4120? 2-6-2T (RF) Tn nr Capenhurst stn
GW393 3184 (LF) B/F Tn stn Wyxxx
W394 6106 (RR) on shed
GW395 5530 (RF) Falmouth bch tn nr Penryn crossing Brunel timber viaduct 9/33
W396 2-6-2T (RR) B/F on coal tn Parkstone
GW397 61xx (RF) Tn Southall (poor)
GW398 6157 2-6-2T (LF) Tn nr Hayes
GW399 5161 (RF) Newcastle-Bournemouth tn entg Oxford
GW400 4402 (RF) Tn Yelverton
GW401 5168 (RF) with horse-box Reading stn
GW402 6100 (LF) Tn entg Culham
W403 6106 (RF) Didcot Railway Centre
GW404 5184 (RF) 3pm Newcastle-Bournemouth at Oxford
GW405 4402 (RF) Tn Princetown 9/31
GW406 51xx (RF) Tn (poor)
GW407 412x 2-6-2T (RF) Tn up just south of Heswall approaching Parkgate on West Kirby-Hooton joint GW-LMS line
GW408 155 & 1386 (RF) Swindon Wks yard 2/31
GW409 View of Bristol coaches being slipped from 8.55am ex-Paddington at Filton Jct 9/29
GW410 2084 (FF) Severn Bridge 7/35
GW411 View of Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash from SR line
GW412 View of original Brunel timber viaduct at Penryn (Falmouth bch) view from tn 1933
GW413 Erection of new viaduct to replace Brunel original at Penryn (Falmouth bch) shows vertical-boiler steam crane 1933
GW414 Met Rly No 23 4-4-0T (LF) B/F Tn at Brill stn
GW415 Met Rly 4-4-0T (LF) shunts wagons at Quainton Road
GW416 Met Rly No 41 (RF) L/E with crew
GW417 LPTB No 23A 4-4-0T (RF) mixed at Brill
GW418 Met Rly No 23 4-4-0T (LF) Brill tn at Quainton Road 6/29
GW419 Met Rly No 23 4-4-0T (RF) Tn frt at Brill
GW420 Met Rly No 41 4-4-0T (RF) outside Brill shed
GW421 Met Rly No 23 4-4-0T (LF) Tn Quainton Road
GW422 Met Rly No 41 4-4-0T (RF) L/E Quainton Road
GW423 Met Rly No 78 0-4-4T (LF) Tn Chesham stn 3/31
GW424 Met Rly No 78 0-4-4T (LF) L/E Chesham 3/31
GW425 Met Rly No 109 4-4-4T (LF) B/F Tn up at Aylesbury 8/30
GW426 Met Rly No 109 4-4-4T (LF) Dn pullman car tn Aylesbury 8/30
GW427 Met Rly No 105 4-4-4T (LF) L/E Aylesbury
GW428 Met Rly 4-4-4T (LF) Verney Jct tn at Quainton Road
GW429 Met Rly No 108 4-4-4T (RF) Tn Aylesbury 1/32
GW430 Met Rly No 116 2-6-4T (RF) Tn up frt Quainton Road
GW431 Met Rly No 113 2-6-4T Tn frt Aylesbury up side yard
GW432 Met Rly No 95 0-6-4T (LF) Tn frt at Aylesbury stn
GW433 Met Rly No 95 0-6-4T (LF) Tn frt in bay Aylesbury (poor)
GW434 4048 (LF almost FF) Tn by sea wall nr Teignmouth
GW435 873 0-6-0 L/E Swindon 3/33
W436 47xx condemned with 8752 & 49xx
W437 10xx (2 locos) (LR) in scrapyard
W438 3866 (RF) on scrap line
W439 7017 (RF) with other ex-GWR locos en route scrapping
W440 Ex-GWR locos on scrap line (East Anglia?)
W441 Ex-GWR & ex-SR locos on scrap line (East Anglia?)
W442 Ex-GWR Castle class awaiting scrapping (East Anglia?)
W443 Ex-GWR locos in scrapyard (East Anglia?)
W444 Ex-GWR Castle class loco awaiting scrapping (East Anglia?)
W445 Ex-GWR locos on scrap line (East Anglia?)
W446 3219 & 3213 (LR) in scrap yard (East Anglia?)
W447 Ex-GWR 4-6-0s en route scrapping (East Anglia?)
W448 Ex-GWR locos stored in siding opposite Trowse Lower Jct
W449 Ex-GWR & ex-SR locos on scrap line Trowse
W450 Hall class loco (RF) on scrap line Trowse
W451 Ex-GWR locos en route scrap yard Trowse
W452 Ex-GWR locos in being cut-up in scrapyard
W453 49xx (RF) on shed
W454 4995 (RF) Tn
W455 22xx (almost FF) loco damaged, on shed
W456 49xx/44560/57xx (RF) on shed
W457 6983 (RF) & 6947 (LR) on shed
W458 Ex-GWR mogul being scrapped at Norwich
W459 LT 94 (LR & LF) B/F tn frt
W460 LT 0-6-0PT (LF) L/E
W461 6000 & LNER 4472 (LF) on show at exhibition
W462 LT 90 (LR) B/F tn frt
W463 4079 (LR) Tn Old Oak Common
W464 Ex-GWR locos in Norwich scrapyard
W465 Ex-GWR 4-6-0s at Trowse
W466 9017 (LF) on siding Sheffield Park?
W467 Ex-GWR locos on scrap line Norwich
GW468 GWR Mogul & D16 D/heading tn jct (copy neg)
W469 Ex-GWR locos in scrapyard Norwich
W470 Ex-GWR 60xx scrap yard Norwich
W471 Ex-GWR 2-6-2T & 2-6-0 on scrap line Trowse
W472 Ex-GWR 4-6-0s at Trowse?
W473 Ex-GWR ‘Hall’ (RF) in scrapyard
GW474 Named ‘Bulldog’ (LF) Tn
W475 L94 (RR) L/E
W476 L545 (LF) breakdown tn
W477 Ex-GWR 2-8-0T Norwich scrapyard
W478 22xx & 53xx scrapyard Norwich
W479 6001 (LF) Tn dn express nr Hayes
W480 6133 (LF) King’s scrapyard
W481 LT 545 (LF) P/way tn
W482 5042 (RR) 92241 scrap yard
W483 49xx & 22xxs (LF) scrap yard
W484 GWR 4-6-0s 'castles' on scrap line, Trowse
W485 10xx (LF) being scrapped
W486 7017 (RR) scrap line, Norwich
W487 6133 (LF) scrap line, Norwich
W488 6133 (LF) scrap line, Norwich
W489 5042 (LF) 'Brit' (FF) scrap line
W490 7922 (LF) 7919 (FF) Aberystwyth? shed
GWR491 WC & PR Drewry railcar at unidentified stn
GW 492 named 0-6-0ST (RR) B/F with 6-whl coach on light railway
W493 'castle' class & other ex-GWR locos (RF) scrap line
W494 6133 (LF) scrap line
W495 47xx (RF) scrap line, Trowse  

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