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The Transport Treasury archive for high-quality digital images taken from our original negatives and transparencies captured by the cameras of railway and transport enthusiasts through the ages.

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Latest News

DIGITAL PRINT GALLERY.  We have included a number of images from our lists in our Digital Print Gallery from where you can purchase digital prints supplied prepared and dispatched by Photobox Digital Laboratory.  We will continue to add more images to the gallery in due course but should there be any particular images that you are interested in, then email your requirements to info@transporttreasury.co.uk and we will endeavour to add them to the gallery.  Please do not telephone us with your requirements; additionally, please be patient as our service is no longer as prompt as it was when we were full time.

DARKROOM CLOSURE. After toiling in the darkroom for over 20 years and having now reached state-pension age, it is time for me to emerge from the dark into the light for my final years and therefore the darkroom has now closed.  We intend to dedicate some of our free time to cataloguing the many collections that have waited too long for our attention.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting the archive.

WAC Smith.  More negatives added to the lists comprising negatives numbers 831-884, 1159-1168 & 5751-6016. (18/5/16)

Mystery Pictures.  25 new mystery pictures added for you to peruse and identify for us. (13/4/16)

Roy Hobbs. We have added the first part of Roy Hobbs’ negatives covering 1958, 1959 & 1960 to the site.  More to follow in due course. (8/4/16)

Canon Aleg George. A large part of the Canon Alec George collection has now been added to the site. (10/2/16)

Leslie (Nick) Nicolson.  It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Leslie Nicolson of Bodenham who passed away on 1 October 2015 aged 80 years.  We are pleased to say that Nick’s widow Jenny has agreed to sell the collection to the archive.

Bruce Anderton.  We thank Bruce for donating his large colour-slide collection to The Transport Treasury (26/11/14).

Roy Hobbs.  We are delighted that Roy has donated his extensive black and white negative collection of railways and buses to the archive.  Although it will be some time before a list of the negatives is available, all our collections are available for personal callers to view by appointment (18/9/14).

David B Clark.  We have been fortunate to acquire the black and white negatives of the late David B Clark previously of New Eltham.  David Clark was a good friend of Ken Wightman and also knew Dick Riley.  His photography is of the highest standard that we have seen.

Frank Church.  We are delighted to announce that the black and white railway negatives taken by the late Frank Church have been donated to the archive.  Frank Church is well known for his photography of the London, Tilbury & Southend railway.

George Whittle Colour Images of UK Buses.  We have thousands of images of UK buses taken by George Whittle and because of a request from an enthusiast we have uploaded into the Colour Collections (George Whittle UK Buses) 1960s/1970s pictures of Ulster & Belfast Corporation Transport buses.

Rail Colour Prints (CCM).  We are delighted to be able to assist David Williams in making available his fabulous computer coloured monochrome images to both enthusiasts and publishers.  In order to bring out the sheer quality of these images, print sizes of A4 or larger is recommended.  You can view images currently available and purchase prints by going to Colour Collections and following the link to Rail Colour Prints.  More images will be added when available.

Trams/Trollies/Buses lists.  With the acquisition of the A R Gault negatives of road transport subjects, we have decided to split the existing tram/bus list into 4 lists: London Transport Trams, Trolleybuses & Buses; Provincial Trams; Provincial Buses; & Provincial Trolleybuses.  To these segregated lists we have now added the A R Gault negatives.  The few customers that have photocopies of A R Gault’s original negative register can continue to order using the photographer’s negative references (5/12/12).

Ken Falconer.  We are indebted to Ken for passing his collection of black and white negatives to the archive.

Mike Mitchell.  With thanks to Mike Kinder we have been fortunate indeed to acquire the collection of the late Mike Mitchell whose favourite haunt was the GC.

R T Spybey.  We are grateful to Mr Spybey of Nottingham who has donated his railway negative and slide collection to the archive.

David M E Lindsay. We are grateful to David M E Lindsay for donating his collection to the archive. David was resident in Edinburgh in steam days but now lives in Anglesey.

Sydney Roberts. We grateful to Richard Roberts for donating his late father’s (Sydney Roberts) negatives and slides to the archive.

Ian Bowman.  We have been very fortunate to acquire the photographic collection of the late Ian Bowman from his family.

Ian’s negatives number circa 16,000 (1954-1980) being roughly two thirds Scottish buses and the remainder Scottish steam.

W A C Smith.  It is our sad duty to report the death of Bill Smith of Glasgow whose photography spanned 70 years during which time he amassed in excess of 35,000 images.  We had the pleasure of printing Bill’s negatives over the past 10 years and we were honoured that Bill and Doris - his cherished partner for 25 years - chose The Transport Treasury to care for this very important collection.

Royston Aubrey Yeomans. John Parkes, cousin of the late Royston Aubrey Yeomans, has donated the negative and transparency collection taken by Mr Yeomans. The subject matter of this collection is fascinating as Mr Yeomans took hundreds of photographs showing all the detail of locomotives, coaches and other infrastructure on the railway. The images will be invaluable to railway modellers and enthusiasts and we look forward to producing the list in due course.

Railway Magazine. Do take a look at the article on The Transport Treasury in the September 2008 issue of Railway Magazine.

Visit Us: If you would like the opportunity to visit us to surf all the unlisted collections in the archive, we can arrange bed and breakfast locally and we offer free transport from and to Insch station. Please note that visits are strictly by appointment only.

Norris Forrest: We discovered that Norrie Forrest developed a camera focusing fault beginning with film 122 and therefore we have had to withdraw some images from the listings. The fault was not apparent from the 35mm contact prints but was very noticeable when enlargements were ordered. We regret to say that the fault continued until film 201 before the photographer became aware.